• Get FREE(1area) Botox with purchase Botox Slimface

    Get FREE(1area) Botox with purchase Botox Slimface

    Botox Slimface Service Introduction: 

    Botox Slimface refers to Botox injections, which were approved by the U.S. food and drug administration in 1989, and in the medical beauty industry, primarily in muscle tissue. Because it is often used for thin faces, it is also called Slimface. Mass production through genetic engineering. Because it has nerve block function, in neurology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery is very commonly used. Botox blocking nerve impulse, nerves and muscles paralysis too developed muscles, contraction, and then using the paralysis of the muscle to achieve the purpose of disability sex atrophy, make originally narrow hyperplasia of hypertrophy of muscle, thus to achieve the effect of slim face.

    After injecting botox slimface, the botox blocks the nerve and muscle impulses, allowing the over-contracting muscles to relax, paralyze the muscles that are too developed, and achieve the effect of a small face. The best effect of the injection is usually around 1 month. It can last about 8-12 months. If there is a need for slimface at this time, you can inject it again, and it will take about half a year for each injection of lanky needle, to maintain the slimface effect.


    Botox Slimface Effect:

    * Builing V-shaped face

    * Painless、no trace、no wound

    * Quick effect


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    Rules :

    1. One client just can use once
    2. Just for original price of Botox Slimface
    3. Expired date : 31 July 2017